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Earning dashboard

Earnings Dashboard

The Earnings Dashboard provides TrueFanz Creators with incredibly clear insight and transparency of all their earnings.

Creators can track their earnings effortlessly whilst also having further insight regarding what content type paid them the most.

The dashboard gives Creators the ability to pinpoint and track their growth metrics with actionable analytics right at their finger tips.

Message filtering

Message Filtering

The ultimate Fan conversion mechanism!

TrueFanz Message Filtering enables Creators to engage with specific subscribers.

Creators can also re-engage with subscribers that may have become inactive.

Win-back your expired subscribers with a custom video, audio, picture, or text message.

- Inactive subscribers will get your message along with an email notification to become active again.

The Vault

The Vault

The Vault allows creators to sell a variety of content for a price in an Unlock-able folder.

This feature ultimately saves Creators countless hours of manually curating individual messages.

The Vault allows creators to sell & distribute a multitude of their unique content easily and effectively in organized folders.

Creators can archive, view analytics, and update their Vault too!

Preview content

Preview Content

Peak interest and create higher conversions!

Creators are now able to upload 30-60 second Preview videos for their locked pay-per-view content.

This feature gives both subscribers and potential subs the chance to be enticed as to why they should purchase locked content.

This feature settles any nerves, or questions a subscriber may have prior to making the decision to unlock and purchase.

Tier 1 security

Tier 1 Security

Security is at the core of our values here at TrueFanz. Hence why we one of the only platforms that has screenshot detection.

Content Creators should feel secure in knowing that their content is protected.

Our platform also has bank level Tier 1 security.

We will continue to set the standards for our creators with the highest forms of security on the internet.

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