Since the phenomenon of internet influencers took off around 2010 with the launch of Instagram, internet celebrities and content providers have been turning fans into financiers.

People love celebrating their allegiances to the creators whose work they love.  Several platforms have sprung up in recent years to help fans directly reward those they admire, most notably Patreon, OnlyFans and Ko-Fi.

Now there’s a new kid on the block – TrueFanz – and it’s more than a little different.  Let’s look at how exactly TrueFanz separates itself from its competitors, while offering benefits the others do not.

What is TrueFanz?

TrueFanz is a platform for content creators, be it video, audio, photography or the written word, allowing creatives to monetize their talents and provide unique content to a select group of admirers.

Unlike rival platforms, it’s NOT interested in facilitating pornography, so is an ideal platform for creatives and influencers who don’t want that association.

What are TrueFanz Advantages?

Invitation Only

Unlike other platforms, such as Only fans, TrueFanz is not open to everyone.

TrueFanz is 100% invite only.

They want to ensure safety, security, and a more prestigious creator community.

In this way, TrueFanz will be synonymous with quality, more akin to membership platforms like Masterclass, or Kajabi but much more social and fun!

Generous and Prompt Payouts

OnlyFans takes 20+% of a content creator’s income.  It’s closest rival, JustForFans, skims off 30+%.

TrueFanz only takes 20% with no hidden fees.  Perhaps more importantly, you won’t have to wait until your earnings reach a certain threshold or timer to take a withdraw of your earnings.

The TrueFanz team doesn’t believe in making you wait for a weekly or monthly payday.  With TrueFanz, you can withdraw funds from your account whenever is convenient – the cash will be in your account quickly.

USA-based and Veteran-Owned

TrueFans’ founders are ex-USAF veteran Tim Branyan and entrepreneur Logan Shippy. Their company is firmly based in the USA, meaning you get to support a homegrown business.

Their primary goal right now is to expand US-based content creators, helping local economies at a time when we’re all struggling to recover from the economic slump caused by COVID-19.

Online businesses are booming. E-commerce grew by up to 46% in 2020 and the online habit isn’t going away any time soon.  You can leverage people’s increased screen time to your advantage, while proving life-enhancing content through TrueFanz.

Improved Features and Functionality

There are several ways content creators can can offer exclusive access.  Here are just a few ideas:

…and much more.  Video content is king, but the team at TrueFanz understands you may have more to offer.  That’s why they created a unique monetizable feature called “The Vault.”

The Vault is a fan-unlockable folder containing…  whatever you choose to provide, whether it’s photos, clips, e-books, music, or anything else you can think of.

TrueFanz creators are selling monthly subscriptions to hook in fans and then allowing them to unlock paywalled content within online folders.

Subscription Flexibility

You can offer monthly subscriptions from as little as $1 or as much as $100.  In addition, we have creators offering vault content for up to $1500+ for exclusive access.  Although you probably shouldn’t price your content at this premium level to begin with, the sky’s the limit when you have enough followers and fans.

Referral Fees

Other platforms offer a one-off referral fee (a cash bonus of $50 in Patreon’s case, but only if the referred creator attracts 20 patrons in their first 30 days).  By contrast, we’re able to offer an incredible 5% of the referred creator’s fees back to you, in perpetuity forever…

Best of all, that 5% comes off the top of our fees, not your fellow creator’s. This is a lucrative program for those who gain access to TrueFanz as creators.

A Rapidly Growing Site

TrueFanz hosts over 55,000 fans in 44 countries.  At present, TrueFanz has 812 creators (limited due to our comprehensive vetting processes).  We are already processing payments in 112 currencies.

TrueFanz has big goals for 2021 – the team wants to be the industry leader in the content creator field.  We’d like to be an integral part of every influencer’s monetization strategy. The team at TrueFanz believes they will become the logical choice for content creators if they’re  able to continue listening to their users’ needs/wants with the intent to roll up their sleeves and build it.

Security Features

We know our users’ security is of maximum importance.  There’s no point in providing “exclusive” content if it’s available elsewhere.  For this reason, our systems employ Tier 1 Security and Encryption to ensure all your data is protected.

We also incorporated Screen Shot Detection, which prevents users taking screenshots to post elsewhere.  We operate a zero-tolerance policy to user content copyright theft and will proactively police this aspect of our users’ intellectual property rights.

What’s the Catch?

We believe even our restrictions make us stronger.  Our brand is aligned with the following values and requirements:

We don’t want TrueFanz to be a free-for-all content site.  Rather, we see it as a curated collection of high-quality creators who reward their fans appropriately and use the site to empower their own brands.

Whether you’re a business guru, master baker, fashion designer, Instagram model, BMX biker, artist, slam poet, tech nerd or influencer, TrueFanz is the site for you to turn followers into funders!

How Can I Get in Touch?

We’d like to hear from you if you think you’d be a good fit as a creator, have someone to refer, or have ideas to help us grow our brand.  We want to hear from strategic partners, investors and, most importantly, clever content producers.

Drop the team a line or visit the site

Thanks for reading!