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TrueFanz Goal - influencer network platform

Our Goal

It’s our goal to help creators around the world make consistent and predictable income.

We want to power and protect your brand.

We believe that we will set the standard when it comes to content monetization, because we listen!

We actively ask our creators “what can we do to be better?” These conversations have led to development of new features and functionality...which in turn has helped our creators generate even more income.

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Tim and Logan

Our Story

Back in 2019 Tim, Vineet, and Logan recognized that there were BIG problems with traditional Social Media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, etc…

Creators were building massive followings, but getting paid small amounts.

Additionally creators were getting censored, and their total reach was throttled(due to algorithms).

We decided to change that… So we built a platform that puts the creator in control.

After a year of development, we launched TrueFanz...

Within a few short months we had dozens of success stories!

Today, we have onboarded thousands of creators from around the world, we are processing payments in over 131+ different currencies, and the best part is… we are just getting started.

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TrueFanz Mission - subscription platform for creators

Our Mission

At TrueFanz our aim is to empower both content creators and brands to create predictable and residual income for their creative work online.

We believe content creators deserve better than how they've historically been treated.

We enjoy connecting with creators on our platform and sponsoring events to discover the wide array of creators that are out there.

We’ve found that when we build strong relationships with our creators, they have a much higher rate of success. This is why the TrueFanz team takes the time to jump on calls with creators & strategize.

We will always listen with the intent to serve our creators.

Need your own custom branded platform?

Are you a large influencer or celebrity? Press play and discover if having your own custom branded platform makes sense for you.

How it works

Completely customizable

You can completely customize your own platform with your own branding, colors, logo and functionality!

You are in control

You own your domain! you can sell courses, charge subscriptions, live stream and so much more. All without any social media limitations.

Let's Talk...

TrueFanz audience and memberships

Bring your audience, memberships, and content together in your own fully-branded and secure community platform. Sell courses, charge subscriptions, live streams and so much more. All without any traditional social media limitations...

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Creator Stories

Erica T. | TrueFanz - Creator Stories
Being a woman of Latin roots with fiery Brazilian flair, I decided to join TrueFanz to teach my exoctic dancing secrets and strategies. I wanted to connect further with my core client base that I already teach in San Jose. Joining TrueFanz has enabled me to provide classes without limitations of a physical premise. I’ve been able to drive deeper connections with my core audience as well as gain new Fanz. This has benefited me in so many ways, I can't thank TrueFanz enough.
Erica T.
Exotic Dancer
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Trica P. | TrueFanz
Simply, wow! Who wouldn't have thought a Soul Food Chef from Louisiana would be able to inspire many around the world to embrace black culture; through visually helping them prepare food on TrueFanz. Yes, I provide audio to help guide my subscribers which is a huge feature that has helped me be more accessible to my Fanz as well as video options. My plan is to open up a ghost kitchen in my hometown Baton Rouge. I’ve been able to scale my finances virtually on TrueFanz, stay on top of them most importantly. With the stunning dashboard they've provided for us creators and the faster payouts is only making this a lot easier for my dreams to come true!
Trica P.
Soul Food Chef
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Bike | TrueFanz
I’m so grateful to TrueFanz, I’ve been able to monetise my mechanical expertise and inspire more women to break the “rules” when it comes to male dominated roles. I’ve been able to shape a new narrative and teach women (and men) of all ages mechanical skills and give advice where needed. My Fanz have been very supportive, if you think you can’t do it… Just know that I did, TrueFanz have made it possible for us non-confirmative types in any industry!
Mariah W.
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Gary M. | Creator Stories
It’s incredible that I’ve been able to reach so many more people domestically & internationally with my Fat Loss & Toner programmes. I didn't need to sell people a shoddy CD or hand out any flyers, I simply live-streamed my videos, gave 1 on 1 advice and most importantly the VAULT! I’m so thankful for the vault. I've included my successful techniques in there and many of my new Fanz love having access to a cohesive bundle of workouts / tips. TrueFanz has helped me become so organised; as a trainer I can only train so much a day without becoming exhausted, now I train on the fly and get paid a ton more.
Gary M.
Personal Trainer
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