So you’ve created something unique. Now what? How can you monetize your content creation? The answer: TrueFanz.

With TrueFanz you’ll be able to connect to your audience and monetize your creativity. But what exactly is TrueFanz and how are content creators making money on the platform? Here’s a rundown on just that. Read on for everything you need to know about making money on TrueFanz.

What is TrueFanz?

TrueFanz is a subscription-based platform that connects content creators with their audience. With it, creators are able to monetize their following, building a loyal set of “fanz” who pay for behind-the-scenes access to their creations.

USA-based and veteran-run, TrueFanz is a platform for creators, by creators. We know first-hand the hurdles faced by creatives trying to connect to their audience. This is why we’ve developed a platform to bridge that gap and help content creators monetize their skill sets.

But how exactly can you succeed on TrueFanz? Here’s a rundown.

1. Target the right audience

Your creations aren’t for everyone. That’s just a fact. The key to successfully marketing your creations is finding the audience who will best appreciate them. You wouldn’t promote Anime illustrations in a gardening group!

Targeting the right audience requires some introspection on your part. Look at what you’re creating and try to imagine who might be interested in it. What’s their age? Gender? Occupation? What platforms do they use and how do they use them? Answering these questions will bring you that much closer to being able to market your TrueFanz platform effectively.

2. Do market research

Knowing who to target is only step one. Step two is understanding the market you’re operating in. Whether you’re making pottery or selling charms, everyone has a market. The more knowledgeable you are about yours, the better your chances of success.

There are a few ways you can perform market research effectively:

Subscribe to industry news sites

Google your creations and see what pops up. Odds are your market will have a number of influential news hubs bursting with industry information. Subscribe to as many of these as you can and make sure to take the time to read their content. The more you know about your market, the better you’ll be able to thrive in it.

Follow industry influencers

Every industry has influencers. Those mythical beings with massive followings who seem to have it made. But they didn’t get to where they are by chance. Influencers know the market and they know their place in it. By following them and learning from them you’ll put yourself in the best possible position to succeed.

Research your competition

Just as every industry has influencers, you’ll also have competition. These are people offering the same products or services as you who are targeting the same audience. It can be helpful to get to know your competition, particularly if they’re successful at what they do. By watching and learning from them, you can learn what approaches work and what don’t. You can also better differentiate yourself from them.

Follow industry trends

Trends can be a bit of a dirty word but the truth is they provide valuable insight into your industry. Staying abreast of trending hashtags or industry-relevant memes are essential pieces of your market research puzzle. You’ll learn what your audience is talking about and how you can best serve their interests. You’ll also be able to jump on viral bandwagons when they happen – a great strategy to get your work noticed.

3. Cross-promote on various platforms

Social media is a boon to content creators. It’s basically an inbuilt audience at your fingertips. All the most successful TrueFanz creators cross-promote their creations and offerings on social media platforms.

Every time you post on TrueFanz you ought to be promoting it elsewhere as well. Even (or especially) your fanz-only content. Even if people can’t directly access it, it’s letting them know that something enticing is within their grasp…if they subscribe.

Anything that drives people to your TrueFanz platform is worth the time and effort so make sure your cross-promotion game is on point.

4. Create consistent content

TrueFanz is like any other digital platform – consistency is key. You’ll shed fanz quickly if you don’t post quality, relevant material consistently.

All the most successful creators on TrueFanz set a consistent posting schedule and they stick to it. Whether weekly or fortnightly, it’s imperative that you keep your fanz expectations met.

Your posting needn’t be finished works either. The beauty of TrueFanz is the authenticity of it. Fanz pay for behind-the-scenes access, so give it to them. Post works in progress or content ideas. Just make sure you’re posting something.

5. Diversify your posts

TrueFanz offers multiple posting formats – use them! The most successful content creators on TrueFanz know to diversify their posts. An image one day, a video the next. This diversity keeps your fanz interested in your content and stops them from growing bored of your feed.

Posting in different formats isn’t the only way you can diversify your posts. Make sure the content itself is also interesting and dynamic. Mix it up with work in progress videos, finished works, or behind-the-scenes life updates. Anything that keeps your audience engaged and interested in your work is key.

6. Engage with your fanz

TrueFanz isn’t just a platform for monetizing your content creation, it’s also a way for you to engage directly with your audience. Everything from polls to comment threads give your audience direct access to you (and you to them). Use this!

When someone comments on your posts make sure to reply in a timely manner, even if it’s just to say thanks. Make use of polls and encourage user engagement.

A great way to do this is to post works in progress and ask your audience for opinions on your piece. Post two different pieces with different color schemes and ask which they prefer. Anything that invites them to comment and engage directly with you will help you retain fanz and encourage new users to follow you.

7. Offer regular rewards

Ultimately, your fanz are supporting you so you can keep doing what you love but it doesn’t hurt to give a little back every now and then. This is where rewards come in.

Say you’re an illustrator. You might offer your fanz a free custom commission or a downloadable print of one of your works. An author might give away an eBook for free. This is just a little way of saying thanks to your fanz for their ongoing support. It’s also a great way to retain fanz as they feel like they’re getting their money’s worth.

8. Hone your skills

Whether you’re an artist, a gardener, or a videographer you should never stop honing your craft. The best content creators on TrueFanz understand the importance of self-learning and you should too.

Watch tutorials and sign up for classes in your field. Prioritize your creativity and keep practicing, practicing, practicing. The best part? These practice sessions make for awesome behind-the-scenes posts for your TrueFanz.

9. Don’t neglect your bio

Your TrueFanz bio is your audience’s introduction to you. You have to nail it. Make sure it clearly states what you offer and how you’re offering it. Selling yourself can be daunting, but it’s imperative you get your TrueFanz bio right.

Be authentic and upfront about what you have to offer. Make sure your audience knows what they’re going to get should they support you. Above all, sell yourself and your abilities. You’re offering something no one else has because you’re unique. Lean into that and you’ll see your subscription rate rise.

10. Subscribe to other content creators

If you want to learn something, turn to a master. This is true of many things, including making money on TrueFanz. If you find yourself struggling to retain fanz, look to others for inspiration.

Do a search of your niche in TrueFanz and follow some of the more influential creators that come up. Spend a month monitoring what they post and how they engage with their Fanz. Take notes, copious notes! You want to learn from the best, so make sure to pay attention.

Just make sure not to copy other creators wholesale. You need to stand out from the crowd, not turn into a clone of another user.

Succeed with TrueFanz

TrueFanz is a diverse platform aimed at helping content creators like you succeed. Whether you’re offering tarot card readings or custom illustrations, TrueFanz can help you connect and engage your audience.

Making money on TrueFanz isn’t automated or magic. It’s going to require focus and dedication on your part. But with the right strategy and determination you can succeed at making a living on TrueFanz as a content creator.

Now you know a little more about how the top content creators make money on the platform.

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Thanks for reading!