Have you ever heard anyone say social media is overrated? 

Well, we haven’t!

Social media platforms have helped us evolve in so many ways. 

From helping the everyday folk find the tribe and make a living; to keeping the world connected and our mental health in check during a pandemic - you have absolutely no reason to hate this communication channel. 

And that’s why billions of individuals are trooping into the social media influencing game, hoping and believing they can graze on the generous resources available. 

You are here, so we do not doubt that, just like us, the social media influencing game excites you. So, keeping the fairy tales aside, we will be blunt. 

‘The journey to becoming a charismatic and highly paid social media influencer is not all rosy. If you want to win, we advise you to lace up your combat boots before you go any further.’

The Battle:

Being a social media influencer means you possess a charismatic personality that makes boring topics interesting enough to stop busy users on their tracks and make them listen or do business with you. 

Sounds easy, right? Here is the battle!

To be successful in the social media influencing game, you need a large and active audience.  

And that's what the battle is all about; getting a large and active audience that genuinely cares about your brand. Some of the steps you can take to hasten the audience building process include:

  1. Defining your niche market.
  2. Stating the overarching theme of your brand.
  3. Connecting with like-minded folks. 

You might also have to answer questions like:

The audience-building steps and questions that follow supports a simple truth - you can’t be an influencer in one social media platform and expect maximum success. 

So, whether you are a celebrity with a large following, a key person of influence shaping the trends of your industry, or a passion-driven content creator who aspires to become a social media influencer, here are ten reasons you need to build your influence around multiple social media platforms. 

10 Reasons Why Influencers Need Alternate Social Media Platforms:

1. Social media platforms go offline:

Not too long ago, Facebook and Instagram went offline for six hours. Mark Zuckerberg lost billions.

Businesses whose support systems were entirely built around these platforms lost customers. And twitter became the talk of the town. You see, any social media platform can afford to go offline simply because of an incorrect configuration. And the world will move on. 

But you, the influencer with his everyday workload built around a single platform, might have a hard time moving on. 

Don't put all eggs in one basket. You have very little to lose and so much to gain by having alternate social media platforms. 

2. You get to meet your audience in their comfort zone: 

Social media platforms took over conventional marketing mediums because of their distinct communication features. 

‘Every social media platform has its style. They all offer a unique way of bringing people together. And different methods of doing things.’

Most folks opt for social media platforms that are appealing and gratifying to their everyday life. So, it's evident that your fans or customers would start to care less if you constantly take them away from their comfort zone.

In the social media influencing game, you need to meet your audience where they are, in ways they want to be met. Leaving you - the influencer - with two choices, learn how to manage multiple social media accounts or stay small.

3. Multiple channels for refreshing thinking:

Highly influential social media influencers love what they do. 

Yeah, the glamour, excitement, and honors can occasionally make them do crazy kinds of stuff. But charismatic influencers remain at the top because they know how to dynamically stay true to the ever stagnant - yet evolving - values and ideals within their niche market.  

How do you keep it real on LinkedIn when all you want to do is ride your bike downhill or take a walk with your dog? Think Instagram!

Working with multiple social media platforms can help you do some refreshing thinking each time you hit a wall, get bored, or feel worn out.  

4. No limitations, only possibilities:

Social media influence is growing into a whole industry all by itself. Widening niche markets and illuminating opportunities. 

To put it in perspective – you are an influencer at a time where social media platforms are pivotal to our everyday change; why would you want to limit your opportunities? 

Operating with a single social media platform as an influencer is like locking yourself in a vault and getting too attached to the vault's content that you let go of its password.

Social media platforms are like tools in a toolbox. They work their magic under different circumstances. In other words, Facebook, Twitter, Tik Tok are an extension of your influence and not the essence of you.

5. To quiet the trolls, you need multiple tools:

As a social media influencer, you will readily come across these two personalities; Trolls (individuals looking for the slightest opportunity to speak ill of you) and fans (folks who genuinely love you). It's always on you to decide how you interact with each.   

However, working with a single social media platform limits your options. 

For example, let’s say you are solely dependent on Facebook, and for some unforeseen reasons, your fans get angry over a post and allow trolls to take over your page. 

How do you combat such an issue? Paying heed to the endless naggings of fully-charged trolls? Or spend your day on an alternate social media platform where your fans know you are human and still appreciate your craft?

6. Showcase culture with a dynamic multichannel approach:

An influencers’ influence is only as notable as the respect other titans of the industry have for him and the extent to which his fans love his work.  

That means you can’t bribe your way through the door – the influencer privilege is something you earn by putting in hard work. 

So why are you at it; what's stopping you from showcasing the unique ideas behind your creative work via different social media platforms? 

Or have you become too attached to your success on Facebook that you now believe you can’t win the influencer game on LinkedIn? 

7. Different strategies, one goal:

Aside from the appreciation and daily hugs influencers get from their fans, they also enjoy endorsement and sponsorship deals. 

Funny enough, not all influencers enjoy this privilege. And saddening, hundreds of highly creative influencers are amongst these bunch. 

To win the social media influencing game, you need multiple strategies directed towards a specific goal. In other words, you need alternate social media accounts. 

Having an alternate social media account means you get to effectively,

8. Multiple platforms; Multiple opportunities:

Yes, it’s true that to become a successful influencer, you must stand for something, put yourself out there, and be creative. 

However, what’s not true is that individuals who believe in the same ideals or fans who’d love and appreciate your creativity for what it is are only on Twitter or Instagram. 

They are everywhere. You just need to find them. 

Broadening your horizons by investing in multiple social media platforms opens a boundless world of opportunities for outstanding marketing and higher earnings. 

9. Maintains the overarching theme of your brand:

We all possess distinct characters, which we display at different times. 

When you are overjoyed, you exhibit specific behavioral traits that are pretty different from those you take up when angry. 

As a regular online user, no one will blink an eye if you act crazy or normal. But as an influencer, it's different. 

Social media influencers are individuals with an overarching theme behind their names. They stand behind an idea, brand, or niche and can make their fans and customers genuinely passionate about what they stand for. 

However, keeping your head in the game can become tiring if all you do every day is to propagate the same idea, on the same platform, in the same way. 

You get to quickly grow, establish, and help your brand evolve without losing yourself in the split personality brouhaha by building your influence around multiple social media platforms.

10. Wouldn’t you like to monetize your influence?

It’s okay if you don’t want to monetize your influence. After all, charismatic influencers care more about their fans than they do about the funds. 

But even at that, social media influencers have a large following - mainly because their fans strongly believe they are remarkably skilled at creating something out of nothing. Or, in this case, killing two birds with one stone. 

The world doesn’t appreciate hungry influencers. You can also feed off your passion. Reliance on one social media platform hinders your ability to monetize your influence. 


To win the social media influencing game, you need to see it from this perspective. Social media platforms are the tools - you are the influencer.

You’ve got to stop ignoring the lush resources available. Having multiple social media platforms in your toolbox is the easiest path to winning the active engagement battle and connecting with your true fans.