So you have set up a TrueFanz account and you have done a good job at posting engaging content, now what? How can you grow your following fast, without reducing the value of your brand? A promotional campaign may be what you need to promote your community.

You might run a promotional campaign in the following situations:

You are New to the Platform

Being new on TrueFanz can be exciting, but that eagerness can quickly wear off if your profile doesn’t take off as fast as you expected. Give your account a nice boost with a promotional campaign. Introduce yourself to your potential new followers, promote your content, and watch your fan base increase.

You Have Valuable Content

Even if you have the best content, it means little, if no one sees it. One of the biggest challenges can be getting those first few subscribers on your account. Whether you are new to the platform, or you have recently updated your content, a promotional campaign may be just what you need to boost your views. Similar to any other marketing campaign, it can also be helpful to determine your objectives. What are you hoping to do with the campaign? How will you measure success?

Most creators on our platform measure success by the deposits hitting their bank account every day. However, some just want to reach as many people as possible. Both are right, but it depends on your personal goals.

You are Changing Your Audience

Building a brand is about reaching the right audience. TrueFanz provides you with the platform you need to build a community and reach your target audience. Maybe you have a good following, but you have decided to shift your focus. Maybe you were sharing fitness content, and you have now realized that your passion is with meal planning. While there will be some similar interests among the two types of audiences, a promotional campaign can help you reach your new audience.

You Want to Take Your Fan Base to the Next Level

In a typical sales funnel, the goal is to move your customers along in the buying cycle. First, you want them to be aware of your product. Then, you want them to build trust in your brand. Eventually, you want them to convert, and close the sale. If you develop a strong enough sense of brand loyalty, then you might even convince them to become a frequent and loyal fans.

You have moved your fans from your social media to your TrueFanz community, now how can you get them to the next level? Sometimes fans need a little extra push to take that next step. Perhaps you have a lot of fans at the entry-level, but you want them to increase their membership with you. Maybe you want to encourage loyal followers to become a VIP member. A promotional campaign can help you encourage fans to move to the next level.

Most successful TrueFanz accounts post regularly, share quality content, find a way to stand out from competitors, and understand their fan’s wants and needs. But, despite the best strategy, you may need to sometimes get your content in front of the right people, and a promotional campaign can do just that.

Use Holidays or “Special Days”

The absolute best time to run a promotional campaign is ANYTIME you can find a reason to do so. This means tapping into Holidays like Christmas, Thanksgiving, Independence Day, etc… or even special days like your Birthday.

One of our creators recently ran a promotional campaign for her birthday. There was no “special” or anything related to pricing for the promotion, it was simply a “hey it’s my birthday and I just posted some great new EXCLUSIVE content for my subscribers. Click here to join now”

The results: She made a cool $10,238.36 (in her pocket) during her birthday month (Nov. 2020) simply by telling her fanz it was her birthday and using that as an excuse to promote her TrueFanz community.

Now, go out there and find a list of holidays and use one of them as a reason to promote YOUR community!

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