Today we’re introducing another top TrueFanz creator: Winter Renee.

Winter Renee is another one of our creators that’s into some pretty big trucks - especially her 05’ 6-speed Cummins and 00’ 5-speed 5.9 RAM 2500. And it’s not just trucks that she’s into, Winter Renee is a certified welder, a job not to be taken lightly!

Now we’re going to focus the spotlight on Winter Renee, so you can learn more about this incredible TrueFanz creator.

Who Is Winter Renee, Exactly?

If you take a quick scan of Winter Renee’s Instagram content via @Winter.Renee, here’s what you’ll see: A lot of pickup trucks, a lot of welding, and a mixture of both modeled and candid photos. You’ll also see a link to @Reaper.Customss, the business she’s been building for some time now.

 But who exactly is she, and where did she learn to weld like that!?

She’s a self-proclaimed “blue-collar babe” with an affinity for trucks and welding - and she’s showing everyone that a woman belongs wherever the hell she wants to belong. That means no one can tell her she’s a “distraction” or anything else that matters when it comes to working as a welder.

And no, you can’t learn how to drive stick on her 05’ Cummins, because if anybody is going to blow out her clutch, it’s going to be her.

Renee got her start in welding during the summer of 2018 when she decided to start up welding classes at her local trade school. She graduated shortly after in the fall of 2019 and went on to get her first welding job building overhead cranes.

By 2021, Winter Renee had moved on to repairing and welding railcars, which she very much enjoyed. However, she felt pretty anxious about the fact that she was relying on employers for financial support. You know, the male employers who felt she was more of a “distraction” in the workplace simply because she’s a young and beautiful woman (insert eye roll here).

Around this same time, Renee began posting welding and truck content on TikTok and Instagram for fun, only to see that it was garnering a lot of interest. So, she decided to use social media to her advantage and continued growing her accounts and traveling to truck shoes and other related public events- which only made her more popular. By the Spring of 2021, Renee started posting on TrueFanz, and shortly after she decided that leveraging her social media accounts and starting her own business was the best way to avoid depending on employers she couldn’t trust to begin with.

That business is rightfully named Reaper Customs, and it’s where Renee gets to combine her love for welding and trucks by creating home decor and furniture out of said trucks!

Get to Know Winter Renee Better on TrueFanz!

All we can say is that Winter Renee is a force to be reckoned with. She’s out there doing what she loves and showing women everywhere that they too belong in trades that were traditionally dominated by men.

Renee is working hard to continue to build up her business and motivate young women to follow their passions, no matter how “masculine” those passions may be. Get to know Winter Renee better right here on TrueFanz by subscribing to her content.

You might just learn a thing or two!