Let's introduce you to a prolific young lady who brings out the feminine side of off-roading and outdoor activities.

Julia is into taking you through her daily shop life and amazing racing events. In her words, she uses her TrueFanz to express her feminine side and share her daily job at a fabrication shop and her wild weekend trips. It is all about off-road and outdoor enthusiasm.

Today, we highlight Julia Hunt, so you can check and enjoy her exclusive top-notch content.

Who is Julia Hunt?

Julia Hunt is an ordinary American girl who loves off-road and outdoor events such as mud bogging, SxS racing, hunting, and car events. However, If you go through her Instagram (she goes by the username julia.hunt14), you'll notice she has an impressive one hundred thousand plus followers.

So who is she, and how did she get here?

This self-proclaimed redneck living enthusiast is best known for her cute bikini and fashion photos alongside an intensive coverage of her daily life. Additionally, she is an established fabrication expert who can get dirty with oil and slay as an Instagram model, all in a day’s work.

Her journey in dealing with off-road vehicles, attending races and events, and putting it online has taken a few turns. 

She first had the chance to work on vehicles when she went for Automotive Collision Repair and worked for a restoration shop immediately after graduating from college. According to her, the experience was” badass baking,” and the experience of tearing apart old classic and muscle cars was a huge highlight and thrill at that time. 

Unfortunately, she realized she didn't want to pursue it as a career but as a hobby. So she packed her bags and moved out of the small Michigan town to North Dakota. Here she found herself working in an oilfield.

As an oilfield worker, she worked long enough to get the necessary skills in the trade. She later got an offer for the same work in her hometown of Michigan, where she returned and worked for three years.

We know you are asking how she moved from the oil field to the world of off-road events and races. The answer is simple – her passion was not in oilfields but in outdoor activities.

Julia Hunt claims her heart to be in the numerous backyard bogs and huge event races she attends. She loves interacting with off-road machines and the feel of an engine rumbling. 

She currently works at a fabrication shop called 57 FAB, where she assists in the processes. Furthermore, she takes part in building different types of bumpers, chassis, and other parts, just like the other men in the shop. You’ll find a link to 57 FAB on her Instagram or her Linktree.

Julia is not just a pretty face used for customer service or brand imaging. Contrary to that, she gets her hands oily and dirty working on vehicles. During her off times, you'll find her in various car events, off-road trips, backyard bogs, and hunting trips. One thing that she doesn't miss around her is a camera to document the events.

Julia is one of the top TrueFanz creators, thanks to how she incorporates femininity into her daily life. She shows women and the world that they can take up male-dominated mechanic work and prosper in outdoor activities without compromising their femininity. She is also a true goddess who gets dirty when duty calls.

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Julia Hunt is an absolute sensation. She has left us marveling at how an ordinary girl from a small town can drive conversation and change perspectives. She is championing the idea that women can get into the dirty, murky male-dominated world of cross-country sports, races, and mechanics while maintaining their femininity.

Julia is a trendsetter who is building an empire while living her life. You can interact with many videos and photos of her going on with her daily life. You'll get entertained with adrenaline-filled races and events alongside beautiful fashion/bikini/photoshoot content. 

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