TrueFanz was designed by creators for creators, which is why it has become the new leading influencer marketing platform.

Here is where true creators can come and establish their reputations as artists, videographers, musicians, photographers, writers, podcasters, models, and much more. It’s also where they can come to monetize these talents by leveraging their growing fan bases.

One of the things that make TrueFanz so unique (hence becoming a leading influencer marketing platform) is the fact that the company was established with creators’ needs in mind. Two of those needs just so happen to be visibility and consistent and predictable income, which have also become the new standard in the content creation world.

When creators are invited to join in on what TrueFanz has to offer, they receive real support in return so they can grow their brand and following, and generate more income over time. But that’s not all. To learn more about what makes TrueFanz the new leading influencer marketing platform, keep reading.

What Makes TrueFanz The Leading Influencer Marketing Platform?

TrueFanz is doing something that no other content creation platform does, and that’s consistently working on making their platform bigger and better for their creators.

Offering the necessary support through better and more intuitive features as well as community engagement has become the pinnacle of driving growth for the TrueFanz platform as a whole.

There’s a very unique understanding here that it’s the creators who are the driving force that allows the platform to be exactly what it is. When you put the necessary tools in capable hands, they can only succeed and continue to exceed expectations.

Simply put, true artists can’t work with limits in any capacity. TrueFanz started as and remains a platform established by creators for creators, and they continue to knock down the conventional limitations seen on other platforms which essentially cut creators off at the knees.

This is exactly why TrueFanz has become the leading influencer marketing platform today. And, if you take a closer look at what your favorite influencers and content creators are doing, you’ll see that many of them are moving their work over to this more exclusive platform where they shine brighter and get paid more. 

What Separates TrueFanz From The Competition?

Now, let’s take a closer look at what makes TrueFanz different from all the other platforms which have also led to it becoming a leading influencer marketing platform:

It’s Invite Only:

Exclusivity is the name of the game here. TrueFanz isn’t just a “sign up and go” type of platform. Creators have to be invited to join.

This is because the platform puts a HUGE emphasis on safety and security for its community. It also gives creators a fighting chance to grow as they won’t have to struggle through a confusing algorithm for visibility among hundreds of thousands of other creators.

Ultimately, it’s about quality, not quantity. That’s why all creators are evaluated and vetted to ensure they can add value to the platform’s community and overall brand.

Higher and Faster Payouts:

While other platforms take over 20% of a creator’s income plus hidden fees, TrueFanz only takes a flat 20% across the board. Nothing more, nothing less—and no sneaky fees for this and that.

This allows content creators to make the most of their earnings without having to work unnecessarily harder just to make up for losses in transaction fees or having to pay to use more features.

Additionally, creators don’t have to wait until they reach a certain earnings threshold or for a specific date to get paid. Creators can withdraw their earnings whenever they want, and they can depend on a quick and uninterrupted transfer.

Veteran-Owned and US-Based:

When it comes to becoming a leading influencer marketing platform, your foundation matters. TrueFanz is a company that’s based solely in the United States, with its owners being a proud USAF veteran and a knowledgeable business entrepreneur.

Because not only does it cater to the local economies in the US during a time when so many are struggling to make ends meet, but it also inspires those who dedicate a portion of their lives to the greater good, only to return home restless and unsure of how their acquired skills can translate to the general workforce.

Not only did the owners of TrueFanz create jobs for themselves, but they essentially created jobs for others by doing so. 

More Features and More Functionality For Creators:

As mentioned, the creators spoke and the owners of the TrueFanz platform listened. What they got in return are the following exclusive features that other platforms just don’t offer:

But that’s not all. TrueFanz’s most unique feature to be rolled out is The Vault.

The Vault is another monetizable feature that serves as an “un-lockable folder” containing whatever the creator chooses to provide to fans that are willing to pay a little extra on top of their subscription to unlock.

The Vault is another monetizable feature that serves as an “un-lockable folder” containing whatever the creator chooses to provide to fans that are willing to pay a little extra on top of their subscription to unlock.

Tier 1 Security and Encryption:

Security is of the utmost importance to the platform and its owners, which is why they’ve implemented Tier 1 security and encryption which includes screenshot detection to protect creators’ content.

No Porn Allowed:

While there’s nothing wrong with adult content, pornographic material tends to overshadow the other types of artists.

Becoming a leading influencer marketing platform means giving leading influencers greater visibility for their own niche work and a fair chance at growing their fan base. That’s why TrueFanz excludes all adult content and takes the time to invite and evaluate each creator before allowing them onto the platform.

With a growing number of content creators and subscribers from all over the world, Truefanz is gaining traction fast—it’s not going anywhere.

So come subscribe to your favorite content creators and see for yourself exactly what makes us the new leading influencer marketing platform.