Introduction to The Salty Blonde on TrueFanz

Brooke Strahan is TheSaltyBlonde on TrueFanz. Who is “The Salty Blonde” you may find yourself wondering?

The answer is anything but simple. 

Brooke is nothing short of amazing. She’s managed to cram more living into her life than most people could imagine doing in a lifetime. Everything she’s touched has turned to gold, closed doors need nothing more than a gentle push to open, and she has the world at her feet.

Born in Australia, she was once described as being like the city of Darwin – moody and brooding, but with a sunny disposition. 

One thing is for certain, there’s much more sunshine than moody brooding to what Brooke wants to show you here on TrueFanz. Her salty, sensational content keeps her fans craving more of her, every step of the way.

She’s full of life, advice, fun, and surprises.

Did I mention she is in incredible shape? Brooke has a lifelong commitment to health and well-being, and it shows.

From the sparkle in her eyes to her perfect skin and astounding physique, thesaltyblonde shows us what’s possible if we commit to being the best version of ourselves that we can possibly be. 

It’s this commitment that drives Brooke, and we could stand to learn that lesson. Luckily for us, she’s here to show us all how she does it.

Thesaltyblonde is at the top of her game and one of the very best TrueFanz creators out there. Her style, panache, and presence are not to be missed.

Who is Brooke Strahan?

The first thing you need to know about Brooke is that she absolutely adores the outdoors. She loves everything from a simple walk on the beach to trekking through the mountains to a deserted log cabin for the night.

This isn’t surprising for somebody who was born and raised in Australia. That’s right, Brooke embodies the self-reliance and can-do attitude that is the very essence of the country she calls home. 

She likes to describe herself as “unique” and we agree that there simply isn’t room for more than one thesaltyblonde in this world. This becomes all the clearer when you consider where Brooke started.

An 18-year-old, Brooke was already dabbling in modeling when she wasn’t working full-time in security. She started working hard at a young age and knew then that she had something special to offer the world and would never let fear stand in the way of her dreams.

Next, she really upped the ante and decided to join the ranks of the Australian Defense Force. This is where thesaltyblonde gained many of the skills that she uses today to build the incredible life she shows us here on TrueFanz today. 

It’s also where she learned the finer points of how to handle a rifle. She’s ready to defend herself at a moment’s notice and shows us all how to be responsible when it comes to guns.

Brooke then worked with several government agencies and consults today with the civilian emergency management industry. She’s just as comfortable in the boardroom as she is on the front line.

Busy as this sounds for mere mortals, thesaltyblonde has still found the time to write 2 best-selling books. She loves writing, adores illustrating, and finds herself drawn increasingly closer to the rarefied atmospheres of high fashion.

And like all the best humans out there, she absolutely adores dogs.


The Salty Blonde on TrueFanz is quite simply one of the most unbelievable, talented, and captivating women creating inspiring content for young and old alike.

Here you’ll be able to see salty Brooke showing us the latest fashion trends, dispensing advice to aspiring novelists just like her, and giving us all the benefit of her experience tackling the challenge's life has to offer.

Her page is made with her fans in mind. She’s here to show you how anybody can live the life they have always dreamed about. 

She’s ready to show you a vision of effortless grace, a dazzling smile, and the attitude to match. You can get to know more about Brooke through her Instagram account.

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