If there’s one thing we can’t get enough of here at TrueFanz, it’s strong capable women completely disrupting the traditionally male-dominated industries and taking names - with larger-than-life trucks, of course! 

Today, we’re turning the spotlight onto one of our very special creators, Melissa Petersmann, aka, The Diesel Queen (@TheDieselQueen). She’s a diesel technician in the heavy equipment industry and she’s loving every minute of it. 

Here’s a little about The Diesel Queen that all the fans on TrueFanz should know:

Getting to Know “The Diesel Queen”

So, just who is Melissa Petersmann, our beloved “The Diesel Queen” and how did she break into the heavy equipment industry?

Well, on the surface it’s actually quite simple: She’s a girl who enjoys equipment and making money. The Diesel Queen grew up in Wyoming with a father who operated and repaired logging equipment. The environment itself in which she was raised was also “rough and cut, similar to that of a shop”. Not to mention, she’s a woman who loves a challenge - and working on diesel truck repairs is a real challenge!

We guess you could say she was just made for the job and the life.

She’ll even tell you that the road to becoming a specialist in heavy equipment mechanics for her was really no different compared to the men out there that make their way into these types of roles. She enjoyed learning about the work and doing the work, and the rest is just country. 

When asked about working with men in this industry, Petersmann will tell you that you’ve got to put up with a lot of shenanigans, but that’s just the way it goes for mechanics. Fortunately, she’s been met mostly with support from her male mechanic counterparts who have encouraged her and helped her to become better at what she does. 

Her other option was to train horses after graduating high school. However, she felt that diesel mechanics was the more suitable industry. As we said, this is a woman who prefers a challenge and this challenge, in particular, could get her much further while also allowing her to care for her own horses. 

Oh yeah, did we mention she loves horses? She’s got two BLM Mustangs, one of which she even broke herself! That’s not all — she’s also a Crossfit junkie and a model who enjoys building her own trucks, watching top fuel dragsters, and riding dirt bikes. 

Melissa Petersmann is extraordinary, and with only three years of experience in the heavy equipment industry, she’s already a technician for John Deere equipment (we’re talking the huge agricultural machinery, not the little lawn tractors your dad rides around on). Before you know it, she’ll move on up to foreman or open her own shop. The sky's the limit for this capable and tough lady!

Check Out The Diesel Queen on TrueFanz!

Want to get to know Melissa Petersmann on a more personal level? Check out her TrueFanz page @TheDieselQueen. Here Petersmann offers her followers more than just a peek into the life of a heavy equipment mechanic but also her personal life — as in her horses, Crossfit gains, and her very own Cummins custom build!

And that’s not all. You’ll get access to her professional modeling photos, wrenching videos with tips for the up-and-coming mechanic, and Crossfit-style workout videos (with tips on how to get those gains), and you can message her directly. She offers up a mixture of free and paid content, and all you have to do is subscribe to her on TrueFanz to show your support and see what she’s made of!