She’s a model and an engineer - but she’s also super relatable.

Her name is Meiling Choy, and she has easily become one of our top and most inspirational content creators here on the TrueFanz platform. Meiling, like so many of our wonderful content creators, is a force to be reckoned with. If you’ve seen her content elsewhere, then you know what we’re talking about (and by the time you’re done reading all about her, you’re definitely going to want to subscribe to her TrueFanz channel!) 

Born into the world of athletics and growing into an intelligent and charismatic creator - and then some - we would like to now officially introduce you to the one and only: Meiling Choy.

Getting to Know Meiling Choy on TrueFanz

When you first hear the name Meiling Choy you don’t expect to see what you see when you first come across her social media pages. 

However, what you see is what you get: A Cuban Chinese blonde who you probably wouldn’t guess is actually Chinese at first. (Hey, if you know anything about Cuban lineage, you know it’s an all-encompassing range of indigenous Taíno and Ciboney backgrounds as well as European backgrounds, which is unique in its own right). Meiling’s first language was actually Spanish, which is also no surprise if you know anyone that has a drop of Cuban blood running through their veins.   

Before she became @Meiling_Choy across her many social media platforms, such as Instagram, Twitter, TikTok, and now TrueFanz, Meiling was a five-year-old girl raised on soccer. Blame it on the Cuban blood once again, but Meiling was essentially destined for the life of a professional athlete. She played competitively throughout her life up until her junior year of high school when she sustained an injury - a serious concussion - that turned her whole world upside down, so to speak.

Meiling’s concussion not only derailed her college scholarship but it made her realize that life is just way too short to not go for what you truly want. Incredible as she is, with a head injury that took about seven years to fully recover from, Meiling still forged on to go to college where she studied mechanical engineering. 

Imagine being a woman in STEM while dealing with a lingering head injury. It’s not exactly something that many would be able to accomplish. At least, not as poised as Meiling Choy.

Of course, this trailblazer of a young woman didn’t just study STEM throughout her college years. She’s just way too creative and innovative to simply devote herself to just one thing, which is why she doubled down on her modeling career. That’s right, she’s been modeling for at least 10 years now on top of everything else, and she parlayed her job as a model into a content creator.

Meiling didn’t just become a creator overnight though. She worked hard by expanding her role into social media management, jumping on the influencer jobs, and even doing the nitty-gritty work of a content writer. (It’s not as easy as it looks.) Meiling also began sharing her lifestyle - which is actually very relatable - through videos on TikTok.

To Meiling, modeling and doing the work as an influencer is a source of therapeutic creativity. It has allowed her to indulge in storytelling, and after spending so many years learning about the brain and her own brain injury because of the traumatic concussion she suffered, she was able to zero in on how the organ function - and how to hack it.

Now she has a new story to tell: Her own. But it’s not the typical “about me story” you may be thinking. It’s the story of a relatable life, about how things can go sideways and completely derail a future you’ve worked half your life for. Beyond that, it’s a series of lessons in which she unveils the “brain hacks,” as she calls it, to enable others to get a better understanding of themselves.

Meiling has always had a passion for helping people, and she has a deep understanding of what it’s like to truly struggle and feel alone and to have that fear of asking for help. Now she helps others find peace, clarity, and balance. More importantly, she helps others find the willpower to move forward and the courage to reach out and ask for help - and we can all use someone like that in our lives.

Connect With Meiling Choy On TrueFanz 

One of the things we love the most about Meiling Choy is that she’s jam-packed with personality. Like many of our TrueFanz creators, she’s multi-dimensional, and if you’ve visited her TikTok page recently, then you know what we mean.

She shares her own life and story through content that’s not just meaningful but also fun, funny, and completely relatable. When you subscribe to Meiling Choy on TrueFanz, you’ll get all of that and then some — and by then some we mean you’ll have the chance to get to know Meiling on a more personal level. 

Aside from sharing her journey and latest relatable experience, TrueFanz is the place where you can come and see more exclusive content from Meiling that isn’t posted anywhere else. You can even message her and ask her questions or for advice one-on-one.

Hop on TrueFanz and get to know Meiling Choy today by subscribing to her exclusive channel with us.