We love shining a light on our TrueFanz creators and telling the world all about them. Today is no different as we’re putting the one and only Korean Barbie front and center!

As with all of our TrueFanz creators, there’s a lot to learn about Korean Barbie and how she came to achieve her successes. She is a multidimensional gal, and here you have the chance to learn all about her (and subscribe to her TrueFanz channel).

Want to learn more about our newest TrueFanz creator? Let us introduce you properly.

Introducing: The Korean Barbie On TrueFanz

The Korean Barbie is still fairly new to the TrueFanz platform, but she’s all over social media - even Amazon - and it’s only a matter of time before she racks up a hefty following. 

But who exactly is Korean Barbie and what is she all about?

Her birth name is Kara Flemming, and you may recognize her on Instagram as @Korean.barbie, on Twitter as @Karaohkey, or on TikTok as @korean.barbie1. Of course, you may also recognize her as one of Finesse Modeling’s Bare knuckle Ring Girls or, of course, as an award-winning contestant in the Miss Utah USA and Miss Utah Teen USA beauty pageant in 2020. 

Kara is a self-proclaimed “girly girl” who loves all things glamorous and elegant. She’ll be the first to admit that she has a love for evening gowns and makeup — she even gives the rundown of her daily makeup routine on her blog. However, her makeup routine only takes about 15 minutes, and her favorite products aren’t hard to come by, which tells us that despite being all about the glitz and glam, she’s a woman that appreciates simplicity and efficiency.

Of course, Kara is more than just a pretty face (with or without makeup). We’ll start from the beginning!

Kara was keenly nicknamed Korean Barbie as she is half-Korean and half-British/Irish. Of course, her adoptive parents purposely named her Kara because it means “pure” in Greek, which is fitting for her nature. 

From a very young age, Kara was a lover of dance and even focused on the Russian method of ballet, also known as Vaganova Ballet from the ages of six to fourteen. She also got into competitive Irish Step Dancing, which is how she discovered her love for competition. After experiencing a serious ankle injury, Kara turned to Ballroom dancing as she had difficulty regaining the foot strength needed to perform in pointe shoes, which she fell in love with to the point of winning a national title for it in 2016. 

Another unique thing about Kara is that she graduated high school with a degree! (An Associate’s Degree in Science, to be exact). She went on to study at Utah Valley University, where she admittedly and exhaustingly switched majors a bunch of times but still left with four technology certifications and earned a Bachelor’s degree in Business Information Systems.

We told you she was multidimensional!

From there, Kara won a full scholarship to attend grad school at the International American University in California, which she achieved through the Miss Asia USA pageant. That’s right, she’s a pageant girl, and it’s all thanks to her love for the competitive life. 

Being that she had to put her dancing on hold while studying at college, she became restless. Once she saw that her university had a pageant, she immediately registered. By 2020, she had placed as a semi-finalist for Miss Utah USA and was subsequently offered a modeling contract with MMG-NY. 

Modeling was cool, but winning a pageant would be way cooler — especially a pageant geared toward the Asian community. That’s why Kara jumped on the opportunity to join in on the Miss Asia USA pageant, which eventually landed her a Hills Beauty Club sponsorship AND a crown! 

Now, Kara is a pageant winner and a model. While she has her sights set on acting next, she still hopes to dance, get signed with her dream modeling agency, and complete her MBA. It goes without saying she’s an ambitious young woman, and she’ll likely go on to continue advancing her pageant and modeling career as well as achieve all of her other goals. 

After all, she’s already achieved so much by the age of 20, which is what makes her such an incredible inspiration for women everywhere and of all ages. She’s even taking that inspiration and converting it into a consulting practice for other girls that are thinking about modeling and need a mentor — and who wouldn’t want the mentorship of a pageant-winning beauty queen with her brains?

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