Jacinda Duran who is also known as Jacinda Lady Truckn on her social media accounts, including TrueFanz, is a woman who grew up with trucking in her blood. (On her mother’s side). She’s also a self-proclaimed free bird, a nickname that suits her well.

Of course, Jacinda Duran is so much more than a woman in trucking, although that is quite a feat on its own, and for many reasons. She’s also one of our top creators on TrueFanz, although that’s not enough to define her either.

Allow us to turn the spotlight on Jacinda Duran and introduce her properly.

Who is Jacinda Lady Truckn?

Jacinda Duran, aka Jacinda Lady Truckn, is a third-generation truck driver who essentially grew up trucking. If you were to ask her, Jacinda would tell you that her earliest memories involve trucks - including a dump truck driven by her mother.

It was actually her mother’s parents who owned a California business moving freight via trucks. That’s how her mother got her start and that’s how Jacinda fell in love with trucks and the open road. In fact, she attributes her great work ethic to her mother. Growing up in the trucks and watching her mom take it all on is what inspired her drive to work hard as well. 

Of course, some of the kudos go out to her dad who drove dump trucks and cement mixers as well. His father worked in logistics while in the Navy, so you could say that Jacinda was destined to do what she does.

According to Jacinda, it wasn’t until she was at least 13 that she was riding in the trucks more frequently with her mother. About two years later, Jacinda went on her first real road trip - a week-long ride up the west coast with her mother. Getting used to the confines of the truck was an adjustment for her, but this is when she knew it was love as she was able to explore new places throughout California and Nevada for the first time. 

Of course, Jacinda isn’t just a truck driver - although we will circle back to that. She’s also a mother of two, a daughter and a son. As we all know, raising children as a working parent is an accomplishment of its own, and she’ll be the first to tell you that they are her greatest accomplishments. (Seriously, she raised these kids to do well in life, which is again, a very difficult thing to do!)

As a working parent, Jacinda juggled a full-time gig during the day and drove limos and party buses on nights and weekends. Once her kids were fully grown and old enough to take care of themselves, Jacinda landed a job as a courier driving company vehicles and delivering packages. Thanks to her part-time gigs, she already had her CDL license, and what’s even better is that her coworkers - other women drivers - encouraged her to get the training she needed to drive the big rigs. 

Fast Forward to the Here and Now

Today Jacinda has 65,000 followers - her “Truckn's Fam” on social media where she shares her cross-country adventures. However, she’s not just a content creator whose niche is big rigs - she’s a voice in female truck driving. That voice has garnered her coverage with media companies like Yahoo! Finance, Women in Trucking, and even as a presenter at the 2020 Emmys!

Working in a predominantly male industry, Jacinda’s biggest obstacle has been proving herself on a professional level. She’s no stranger to the adversity that women face in the truck driving industry, but she’s a force to be reckoned with as she continues to break barriers and shine a proper light on the trucking industry. Her goal? To help everyone understand that the “trucking world” is a lifestyle that both men and women can share and prosper in.

You’re probably wondering why Jacinda became something of a content creation entrepreneur. The answer is pretty simple - it gets lonely out there on the road. So, to feel more connected, Jacinda Duran created the social media handle Jacinda Lady Truckn and began building a community that she could share her journey with and inspire. 

And inspiration she did - one of her very own followers on social media stated that Jacinda inspired her to get into the trucking industry. Best of all, she ends up running into plenty of her followers while on the road, which gives her the opportunity to get to know them and answer their questions in real-time.

Jacinda will always emphasize the fact that she’s had strong female role models in her life who have encouraged her to be strong. Now she hopes that by sharing her trucking journey and adventures, she can be a robust female role model for other women.

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