Let’s admit it, creating fresh, inspiring, or energetic life-changing content is not easy. Forget the countless hours of research and nifty brainstorming required—the process of revamping ideas alone can make one lose faith, not to talk of the tiresome process of dealing with lurking trolls. 

So why on earth should an admirable influencer or passionate content creator like you post on social media platforms for free; where is the fun in that?  

NO! Don’t do that. You deserve to get paid for your work. 

But who's willing to pay? Will Instagram pay for the lovely picture of your dog you just posted? Or will Meta bulge because you are offering inspirational relationship advice? We don’t think so. 

So, what are the odds that content creators will ever get paid to post? That apart from the endorsement deals and partnership you might get as an admirable influencer, somewhere, somehow, you will get a bang for the time you spend creating life-changing content on social media?  

Sincerely, before the pandemic; almost impossible. But these are post-pandemic times. So YES, you can redefine the odds and actually get paid to post.  

Introducing TrueFanz:

TrueFanz is a subscription-based platform for entrepreneurs, content creators, and influencers looking to build a membership community with their most engaged fans while making predictable and consistent income for their work. 

With a TrueFanz creator account, you get to forge profound connections with your most loved fans, turn loyal followers into friends, and cultivate meaningful relationships with a broad audience. 

But first, you need to learn about the steps involved in setting up a TrueFanz creator account, so read on. 

Get An Invite:

It’s a pleasure to know that you are finally ready to take the plunge and get good returns doing what you love to do best. This is a life-changing moment we’d have loved to usher you into with warm hugs, reassuring handshakes, and comfy smiles. But distance!!!

Anyways, we are creatives. So, since we can't physically go through the process together, we streamlined a smooth and efficient TrueFanz creator account setup that keeps us with you every step of the way.

At TrueFanz, we intend to simplify your journey to financial stability while allowing you to do what you love to do best. Therefore, it’s only fair that we avoid tiresome procedures. 

But it wouldn't be nice if you took time to follow our account registration process without guaranteeing that we’ll welcome you with open arms, so let’s be straight with how TrueFanz works. 

TrueFanz is an invite-only platform – yes, you heard that right. You only gain access to a TrueFanz creator account by invitation. 

Simple reason; TrueFanz is a prestigious community because we stand by unique ideals: we don’t promote phonographic content; we require a certain number of followers; provide Tier 1 security, etc. 

So, as much as we’d love to welcome your unique talent with warm hugs and reaffirming handshakes, our team needs to first vet your social media account and certify that it meets our requirements. 

Come on. Don't get scared; our requirement is not as stringent as your mind might have made it out to be. Request an invite

Setup Your TrueFanz Creator Account:

Congrats! We believe you are reading this far because you got an invitation. Otherwise, we recommend you use the link above to get an invitation –TrueFanz is currently an invite-only platform. 

Okay, I received an invite; what do I do with it? Does this mean I can start getting fat pay cheques for my content? How do I go about the account creation process? Do I need to pay a fee to accept the invite? What do I need next? 

So many questions; relax! 

You are at the intersection where influencers and content creators get rewarded for doing the work they love best. So, take a deep breath; you are about to finalize your TrueFanz Account Setup. 

Now, the TrueFanz creator account setup is not complex or complicated. It doesn't require any bulky requirement or upfront payment from you. Plus, the registration process is similar to your regular social media platforms. 

However, to monetize your influence and earn from the TrueFanz creator account, you need to set up your profile to be attractive and recognizable by your most loyal fans. 

Pay attention to your display picture and bio. Use a cover image that intuitively promotes your influence and tells narratives fans would easily delegate to your brand. 

NB: Building a profile that’s not in line with your already existing influencer image or online portfolio will affect promotion and monetization – please don’t do that. 

Create Membership Plans:

Your profile is live; thumbs up; not every influencer makes it this far.  

You are now a verified member of TrueFanz. You've got an active account with your bio, profile picture, and account URL telling the world that you are ready to monetize your influence. What’s next? 

Can I start posting intense, life-changing content with an eye on my balance sheet for an update on earnings? Hmmm, wait! One more thing. 

Your TrueFanz account setup is indeed complete, but for fans to find you and access your exclusive content, you need to customize membership plans for your TrueFanz creator account.  

All fans are not equal. So, use subscription packages that segment them. TrueFanz creator account gives you the freedom and flexibility to create three, six, and nine-month membership plans; it’s up to you to charge accordingly. 

Promote Your Account:

Let’s wrap it up. TrueFanz content creator account allows you to monetize your influence. However, a successful TrueFanz account setup doesn’t guarantee automatic cash out – you need to promote your account. 

TrueFanz only lays the foundation for content creators and influencers to earn measurable and predictable income, charging based on commissions. So, what you make is up to how well you promote your account.

If you desire huge pay-outs, we recommend you make promoting your TrueFanz creator account on your favorite social media platform a habit. 

Put the word out. Let your fans know that you are going above and beyond to give them a real-time update of your content creation process for a monthly subscription. 

Publicizing your TrueFanz account and inviting fans to join is the fastest way to boost your reputation and grow your income. So please, don’t fall for the idea that TrueFanz is responsible for your account promotion. 

A TrueFanz creator account can only help you simplify the content creation process and make residual income from your work. Attracting subscribers and setting subscription fees are all on you. 


If maybe you skimmed through this piece and somehow missed out on your TrueFanz account setup invite, kindly use this link. Look forward to seeing you on the other side.