TrueFanz is an excellent earnings platform for creators in the podcast realm. Ad revenue and sponsorships aren’t always predictable when it comes to creating a solid revenue stream, which is what makes TrueFanz such a substantial alternative. 

Not was TrueFanz engineered with creators’ success at the forefront, but it’s a unique place where podcasters can build deeper connections with their fanbases. In fact, you can create an entire following around your podcast here - and community in the digital world is worth its weight in gold.

In this article, we’re going to talk about how podcasters like yourself can use TrueFanz to not only build a strong community but also create a better revenue stream. Plus, we’ll share a few content ideas for podcasters to get you started.

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Earning Platforms For Creators: The New Way to Monetize Your Podcast

Traditionally speaking, podcasters make their money through a combination of methods. These methods would include brand deals, sponsorships, mid-roll advertising, and live events. While these methods do work - and quite well, for the most part - they all revolve around the podcaster essentially giving away free content in hopes for companies to notice them and want to strike a deal.

Now, the newer ways to monetize your podcast include offering direct subscriptions, crowdfunding, and the two-tiered model for free and paid podcast content releases.

With an earning platform for creators like TrueFanz, podcasters can get their hands on some of the most unique features and tools to help them unlock their potential and take control of their earnings. 

Let’s talk about some of the reasons why it’s a good idea to utilize TrueFanz for your podcast:

It’ll Allow You to Further Monetize Your Podcast

The TrueFanz creator platform can help you further monetize your podcast to create a more predictable source of income simply because people will have to subscribe to your channel for access to your content. While that’s not the only way to generate revenue on the platform, it does mean you’ll be able to generate revenue based on a following that values what you have to say enough to garner their paid subscriptions.

This also creates an air of exclusivity, which is incredibly important when building not just a following but also a community. What’s more, the TrueFanz platform thrives off of the exclusivity factor in that its creators must be accepted onto the platform. This means you’ll be considered one of the best in your niche which will undoubtedly strengthen your brand and others’ intrigue.

It’ll Help You Build a Stronger Community

TrueFanz is the perfect place to build deeper connections with your most active and dedicated listeners. This is partly because of the exclusivity factor and partly because your fans will have to subscribe to see your content and follow you on the platform.

Either way, TrueFanz essentially becomes a hub for your biggest fans - and it’s a hub where they can interact with you one on one to ask questions about your podcast and anything else they’re curious about (within reason). 

Here is where you’ll be able to cultivate more brand loyalty. For example, you’ll be able to provide your loyal followers with access to one-of-a-kind content, like a private live stream that cannot be accessed anywhere else to show your appreciation. 

You’ll Get Essential Feedback From Loyal Listeners

As a creator, you’re likely always looking to improve - and what’s a better way to do that than to let your loyal subscription followers give you feedback?

These are the people who already know and love your content. After all, they’ve already committed to your channel by subscribing. However, they also have the ability to leave comments or chat with you privately, which means you have the advantage of asking for their opinions and what they’d like to see more of (or less of).

This kind of feedback is priceless as it can help you grow steadily and bigger brand-wise.

Content Ideas For Podcasters

Since TrueFanz is where people go to access exclusive content from their favorite creators, you’ll need to focus your efforts on bringing them value for their subscription bucks. 

Here are a few content ideas for podcasters on the TrueFanz platform:

Offer Bonus Episodes

You’re going to want to give your fans more than just the average scheduled episodes to satisfy them. Whether you do your podcasts biweekly, weekly, or less often, it’s always a good idea to throw in a few bonus episodes that only your top subscribers can listen to.

For example, TrueFanz offers a feature called The Vault, where subscribers can pay a bit extra to unlock ultra-exclusive content.

Offer Behind-the-Scenes Content

In addition to bonus episodes, giving your fans a taste of what goes on behind the scenes - whether it be a discussion, interview, or otherwise, is a great way to pique their ongoing interest. 

People love behind-the-scenes content because it makes them feel like they’re part of your process. This type of content works perfectly for the TrueFanz Vault or as regular content. The choice is yours!

Put on Private Live Streams or Q&As

If you want to get even more exclusive and closer to your fan base, scheduling live streams and/or Q&A sessions is the way to go. It’s also an excellent way to further monetize your podcast on the platform - all while giving your fans even more of what they want and the opportunity to pick your brain about what you do and more.

Run Giveaways and Contests

Another way to reward your loyal listeners is by setting up giveaways and contests. This is also the perfect way to create more engagement that builds brand loyalty. You can host these contests and giveaways via live stream or however you see fit — just make sure the prize is something worth engaging and competing over.

Podcasters looking to further monetize their content and build a stronger community will find the success they’re looking for right here on TrueFanz. It’s also a great place to expand your horizons creatively and network with other creators for your benefit. 

Apply to become a TrueFanz podcaster today and start getting more out of your brand!