One of the most common questions that TrueFanz creators ask is, how much should I charge for my content? Putting a value on your content can be difficult. Use these tips to help guide you as you determine your pricing:

Compare Similar Content

Look at a few creators who offer similar content to what you have to offer. Make sure you are looking at creators who are in the same niche as you. If you’re a fitness model, find a fitness model that has similar content and find out how much they are charging, etc. You also must ask yourself how your content relates to quality to theirs? Another consideration is how much time does it take you to create your content?

Some types of content, like photos, may not take you as much time to create therefore you COULD put a smaller price tag on those items. Other types of content, however, may require hours of creation, meaning you may want to charge a higher price. The better your content is, the more engaged your fans will likely be. The more engaged your fans are, the more they are willing to pay to join your community. Your industry can also affect pricing. Some industries have greater demand, which allows you to charge more.

Consider Demand

In business, demand determines the price. Do you offer content that is easily available from other creators for a lower price? If yes, then you may have less control over how much should you charge for membership. However, if you offer a unique product, then you may be able to charge more.

However, niche markets can also be harder to reach your target fan base. But, with campaigns, like promotional pricing, you can give fans the opportunity to access your content for a cheaper price initially, and then later, increase pricing.

Create Tiered Pricing

Developing a sales funnel can also help with determining pricing. What is the least amount that you are willing to accept for access to your page? What additional things can you offer for an increased price? Divide your content into categories, based on value, and then determine a tiered strategy of pricing.

The highest category should be the most exclusive and valuable content. This is for your VIP fans, where you might offer them personalized videos or behind the scenes looks.

Inside of TrueFanz, you can charge for your basic content. You can charge for individual pieces of VIP content. You can even charge for access to direct messages.

Your Income Needs Will Help Answer The How Much Should You Charge Dilemma.

You can also take advantage of the TrueFanz income calculator (on our homepage) to determine how much you can make with an account. Simply set your number of followers, then input your price, and get a true idea of how much you can earn. This can help you plan and find unique ways to improve your income. This calculator also helps you play around with different price points, getting a better idea of how much you can earn.

The great thing about how TrueFanz is set up is that you can earn a predictable income. Because payments are made monthly from subscribers, you know how much you can expect each month. It’s much easier making a career out of your influence when you know the bills are paid at the start of each month just for your existing subscribers.

Signing up for, and creating an account, with TrueFanz is free. That means you can test out the platform and its available tools. You can also play around with different price points and evaluate the competition. You can begin building your community right away, putting you on a path toward earning monthly payments and tips from your TrueFanz.