The internet is unlocking the power of content creators. Pioneered by Instagram, now internet influencers can directly build and engage with their audiences. This direct-to-audience model gives an unprecedented opportunity for creators to turn their fans into financiers. 

Why is it becoming popular among artists, writers, tutors, chefs, and anyone with anything valuable and interesting to share? Because it gets rid of the dreaded middlemen. There’s no need to look for agents or publishers. If you’ve got the talent, you can monetize it. 

It’s between you and your audience, with no one in between. 

TrueFanz: Built by content creators for content creators

Many content creation platforms have come up in recent years to enable content creators to monetize their audiences. OnlyFans, Patreon, and Ko-Fi are among the most popular of these. But now there’s a new player, TrueFanz, that’s out to disrupt the model even further. 

Unlike the other content creation platforms, TrueFanz is designed by creators for creators. This singular emphasis on the creators has helped it become a leading name in influencer marketing in a short span. 

TrueFanz has been built with a thorough understanding of the creators’ needs. These are easy visibility, and predictable and consistent income. Other than monetization, the platform allows creators to consistently grow their audiences and connect with them at a deeper level. This emphasis differentiates TrueFanz from the other platforms. 

TrueFanz features that benefit content creators

The mission of TrueFanz is clear. It’s to enable content creators to get the maximum value from their creations in the most transparent, effortless, and seamless way. To that end, the platform is constantly evolving to be bigger and better with more user-friendly features for both the creators and their audiences. 

These are the main features of TrueFanz that continue to attract both creators and fans to the platform.

It’s invite-only

Yes, you read that right. TrueFanz is invite-only. While other platforms are on a mission to crowd themselves with creators, TrueFanz takes a more cautious approach. Not everyone can join. But why does TrueFanz make it so exclusive?

The platform does it to create a safer, more secure, and more prestigious community of creators. When creators are invited, their followers would be assured of quality. This focus on quality rather than quantity has massive payoffs for creators, too. 

To begin with, if you’re invited as a creator to TrueFanz, you know that you don’t have to compete with a huge number of anonymous creators, some of whom may not have the best intentions as on other platforms. This significantly increases your chances of success. 

The other platforms have only one thing in mind, and that’s to scale the number of their content creators. They don’t care about the security or safety of their audiences because anyone can become a creator and start competing for eyeballs. On TrueFanz, creators don’t have to wrestle with confusing algorithms to gain visibility like on other platforms.

It offers faster and better payouts

Why do professional content creators prefer TrueFanz? Because they get faster and better payments from the platform. TrueFanz only takes 20% of a content creator’s income.  If you’re a content creator, that shouldn’t sound so different, right? Other platforms also take 20% of a creator’s income. 

The difference is that TrueFanz only takes 20%. While others have hidden fees, there’s no such thing with TrueFanz. The platform brings transparency to an industry known for sneaky fees and opaque pricing.  

With transaction fees, content creators have to work extra hard on other platforms to maintain or increase their revenue. Also, they will be charged for the use of additional features that they would need to engage with their audiences. TrueFanz has no such fees. 

So, TrueFanz gives better payouts, but how is it faster? Well, on most other platforms or marketplaces, you have to wait until you hit a certain threshold for you to get paid. Not on TrueFanz. Content creators can withdraw their income whenever they want through quick transfers.

It gives you additional features and functionality

TrueFanz was created after exhaustive market research and with a clear understanding that standard features can only give you standard results. If as a content creator, you want to grow your audience and increase your income, you need additional features and functionality. 

And, no other platform offers these features. The exclusive features that content creators on TrueFanz can use include:

Behind-the-scenes footage: This helps build a more authentic connection with followers. 

Subscriber-only clips: These are exclusive footages that encourage people to subscribe to you.

Sneak previews and clips from long-format content: This helps showcase your expertise and drive more users to your content.

Tips, tutorials, and life hacks: These help build your brand equity and authority on a topic.

Member discounts: These incentivize users to become members and consume more content. 

Subscription flexibility: Users are more likely to subscribe when they have more options.

Referral incentives: You can incentivize users to refer their friends and colleagues to build your subscriber base. 

The Vault

While these unique aspects make TrueFanz a superior option, the most striking feature of the platform is The Vault. This is another way for creators to monetize their content. 

The Vault will have whatever content the creator decides to put in there. It’s an “unlockable folder” for subscribers willing to pay a small premium.

The Vault encourages loyal subscribers to get more content from creators by paying an incremental fee. For the creators, it’s an excellent opportunity to organically grow their revenue without having to acquire more users. 

It has no adult content

Content creation platforms have become synonymous with pornographic content. While they do have other creators, these brands have become popular due to their adult entertainers. This has become a significant part of their revenue and helps them easily gain users, since these stars are usually well-known and have social media profiles to drive users. 

TrueFanz doesn’t allow adult content. TrueFanz sees the opportunity to serve creators outside of this industry who want their own platform without the stigma.

While having adult content could certainly increase revenue—and quite dramatically so—TrueFanz wants to give other influencers a more wholesome alternative stage for visibility.

The platform evaluates each creator and their content to exclude adult content. Without the threat of pornography hogging the limelight, creators have more freedom to explore niche topics and build their fan base. 

It comes with tier 1 security and encryption

Security is an important concern for all content creators. TrueFanz takes it seriously and has Tiered 1 security with encryption. To protect creators, the platform has screenshot detection. 

Security and encryption allow creators to deliver more content since there is little chance of duplication without their consent. This also helps them increase their income and gives more reasons to subscribers to stick to the influencers. 

It’s US-based and owned by a veteran

With all digital platforms, location matters. Where it’s based can play a significant role in the company’s attitudes towards transparency and security. TrueFanz is solely based in the US. A USAF veteran and an entrepreneur are the platform’s owners. 

TrueFanz wants to empower the local economies in the country when many are finding it difficult to have a stable income. The platform is also an inspiration for all veterans who return home unsure of how to integrate their skills into the economy. 

TrueFanz is proof that you can create a product that benefits everyone, from its creators to users and the country. 

Why creators should join TrueFanz

With so many content creation platforms, why should anyone consider TrueFanz? Because other platforms were built by entrepreneurs to mindlessly acquire users with the objective of impressing venture capitalists. Creators were at best an afterthought. 

TrueFanz was designed to celebrate content creators. The goal is to empower artists, writers, painters, chefs, teachers, photographers, models, musicians, coaches, and anyone else who can add value to someone’s life. What you’ll find in TrueFanz are all the aspirational elements of Masterclass  with an additional social element. 

By joining TrueFanz as a content creator, 

You’ll be in an exclusive club. It’s invite-only, and you don’t have to compete with anonymous creators with no value to add. 

You have better visibility. There are no complex algorithms that limit your visibility. This increases your odds of success. 

You have no hidden fees. TrueFanz charges a flat 20% fee and nothing else. 

You have no withdrawal threshold. Your income is yours to withdraw. You don’t have to wait until you hit a random and meaningless limit.

You get exceptional additional features. Furthermore, you can keep building your community and monetize your content with behind-the-scenes footage, sneak peeks, subscriber-only clips, and many more. 

You get The Vault. This un-lockable folder lets you gain more income by giving premium access to subscribers. 

You get a secure platform. Through top-tier security and encryption, the platform assures the safety of your content. 

You get a porn-free ecosystem. What you create won’t be lost among adult entertainment. This commitment makes TrueFanz different from the rest. 

You get to support a US-based firm. There are no nameless owners or overseas companies in the background.

If you’re a content creator, you should be on a platform that respects you and your work. 

You should be on a platform that lets you monetize and grow your community. In other words, you should be on TrueFanz.

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