Today, social media is just as important for fashion models as for fashion brands, among other types of brands that use unique and beautiful faces to sell their products and services. 

Currently, Instagram is arguably the most widely used social media platform for promoting businesses by fashion brands, bloggers, and models alike. 

While there’s no doubt that Instagram is a platform to take advantage of, there’s another earning platform for creators in the fashion industry, too, from where they can earn far more than an Instagram - and that’s the TrueFanz content creator platform.

If you’re a fashion model who wants to generate a larger audience for your personal brand and monetize your content further, TrueFanz can help you do that.

Here’s how:

Engage With Your Followers on a More Intimate Level

If you’re a fashion model on TrueFanz, you’ll have several features and tools at your disposal to connect with your followers. More importantly, you’ll be able to engage with them more intimately as they can leave the traditional Instagram feeds to personally subscribe to your TrueFanz channel to get to know you in a different light.

As we all know, Instagram pages must be carefully curated to produce a particular image, especially for fashion models. TrueFanz is where you can showcase a whole other side of yourself that still perpetuates your brand and gives a little more in terms of a day in the life or whatever type of content you want to provide and monetize.  

You can also chat with your followers directly to get to know them better. These are the deeper connections that generate brand loyalty and fan loyalty because they allow others to see you as a human being and not just a commodity.

Personalize Your Brand Further

As mentioned above, Instagram feeds tend to be more curated to show a specific facet of what you do. Some fashion models create multiple Instagram accounts to show off different aspects of their lives, which can be exhausting if you’re trying to monetize each one. 

With TrueFanz, you can personalize your own brand further by leaving the sponsored posts on your IG accounts and giving your following a more exclusive look into your modeling career and what you stand for. 

For example, you may get paid to model for specific clothing brands, but that doesn’t mean you’re not trying to start your own thing, whether it be a fashion brand or simply trying to curate your own personal brand for others to identify with. 

TrueFanz is where fashion models can come and personalize their brand further, showcasing their brand identity as an individual with the noise and exhaustion that comes from social media platforms oversaturated with people trying to do the same thing.

Leverage Your Content For More Earnings

TrueFanz is, first and foremost, an earning platform for content creators. That means you’ll have everything you need to leverage your content for greater monetization, which is the goal for all content creators, including fashion models. After all, modeling on its own doesn’t always generate a steady income. 

Some critical features for leveraging content to increase earnings on TrueFanz include:

Plus, the exclusivity factor will make your subscribers feel like they’re a part of something special since they won’t be seeing this paid-for view into your world on any other platform. 

Build a Strong Community

Your followers aren’t just people who like to look at you. They’re people who have their own hopes and dreams, are working towards something more significant, care about various causes, and so much more - and they follow you because, on some level, they resonate with who you are and what you do.

Being a fashion model on TrueFanz means you get to take these connections to the next level with fans and fellow fashion models on the platform. Each link you make is a potential step towards something more significant, whether creating a partnership and starting a new business, building up a network of people for a specific cause, or simply perfecting your brand image as a public figure. 

As you build and engage your community, you’ll create loyalty which will show itself in the sale of your content, products, and anything else involved in your “sales cycle.” You’ll get to connect with like-minded people who will undoubtedly inspire you to go further in your modeling career or other dreams.

Between the tools and community-building features that TrueFanz offers, fashion models will have everything they need to curate their personal brand and take their careers to the next level. 

Are you ready to connect on a deeper level with your followers? 

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