TrueFanz is constantly striving to provide content creators and social media influencers with a platform to interact with their fans and give them exclusive and premium content. Over the years, we have collaborated with several successful content creators who have since gone on to amass a massive fan following.

But we have never been as excited as we are today as we welcome Lady Liberty Doll to our platform to join the ranks of successful TrueFanz creators! And by the time you get to the end of this creator spotlight, we are hoping you will be too.

Let’s get to know Lady Liberty Doll a little bit better. Shall we?

Lady Liberty Doll: Who is she?

Her fans and followers know her as Lady Liberty Doll, but for friends and family — she is Lori.

Lori has been working as a pinup model since 2005. As her career as a pinup model grew, so did the number of offers that she received. She tried her hands at product modeling and brand repping and has been featured in several magazines over the years. Lori loves putting on different outfits and dressing up in various styles, but the pinup look has always been and always will be her favorite.

She worked as a pinup model only for magazines and products at first. Since last summer she has been with Battlin Betties who works with all the vets.

How did it all began?

Lori is married to a decorated Marine Corps combat veteran. Her husband works with Wounded Warrior Project currently and served in the military for 12 years, during which he was deployed four times, and he has been volunteering with an organization that focuses on wounded veterans for the last few years. He deals with them regularly as he, and Lori could see the joy and sense of fulfillment it gives her husband whenever he is able to help a wounded veteran.

Married to someone who loves their country so much that he is willing to put his life on the line for not only his fellow countrymen whom he had never met before, this is a matter of pride for Lori. But she also finds it humbling — and, to some extent, even heart-breaking — when she learns some of their tragic stories from her husband. It also gives her a window into not just what some wounded veterans go through physically, but also emotionally.

It showed Lori what real strength looks like. Just surviving a war isn’t enough. For some, surviving what comes next is even harder. She realized that our veterans need healing and empowerment.

And this last summer, she joined a group of pinup girls, Battlin’ Betties, a nonprofit organization that honors and serves our country’s vets.

A pinup girl is (re)born

Lori goes by Lady Liberty Doll when she works with her pinup group. While yesteryear divas like Marilyn Monroe and Rita Hayworth did popularize the concept of pinup girls, their origins can be traced back to the First World War and WWII.

Pinup girls were often used during those wars to boost the morale of soldiers. Several known celebrities of the time volunteered to pose as pinup girls to support the war effort and encourage patriotism among the soldiers. They wore military uniforms and held flags, serving as a reminder of what the soldiers had been fighting for.

Today, what Lori does as Lady Liberty Doll is much the same. Her pinup group reminds veterans and soldiers what they were fighting for and the values they risked their lives for: freedom, democracy, and enlightenment — the three values the Statue of Liberty symbolizes. A curious aside: It’s also why Lori chose Lady Liberty Doll as her stage name.

Lady Liberty Doll and her pinup group Battlin’ Betties works with all the veterans and serve their families by volunteering at various events and fundraisers and helping raise awareness of PTSD and suicide prevention.

Lady Liberty Doll: Where to Find Her?

Lady Liberty Doll is extremely active on social media and regularly interacts with her followers. She delights them with photos of herself and also plans to release exclusive behind-the-scenes clips of herself and her troupe’s performances on TrueFanz. You can connect with Lady Liberty Doll on social media through four popular platforms:

1. Instagram: @ladylibertydoll

Her Instagram page is as lively as they come. If she is sensual in some photos, she is also goofy in others. If she posts photos of herself all decked out in pretty, spicy outfits, she also loves flaunting any new clothes that happen to catch her fancy. Swing by her Instagram page and you will know what we mean.

2. Linktree:

Here is where you find links to buy all the magazines and publications Lady Liberty Doll has featured in. You will also find a link to the R.E.D Organization (Remember Everyone Deployed) where you can donate, volunteer, and become a sponsor to help military personnel who need help.

3. TikTok: @ladylibertydoll

Lady Liberty Doll lets her lighter side shine through in her TikTok videos. Her videos are sprightly and fun, and they have clocked over 1.4 million likes until now. You can follow Lady Liberty Doll on TikTok if you want to see her trying out some TikTok trends or miming or dancing to the hottest beat of that week.

4. TrueFanz:

If you want unfettered access to Lady Liberty Doll’s exclusive content, TrueFanz is the only place where you can get it. In her own words, you get to enjoy all the “…risque fun side of the pinup things.” You can expect sensual shots, sexy and seductive poses — all very fun and flirty. But that’s where she draws the line. There won’t be any type of pornographic content.

Lady Liberty Doll also plans to share photos behind-the-scenes of her photoshoot along with giving her fans a regular sneak peek into how she selects her outfits. Lady Liberty Doll’s TrueFanz page and all the exclusive content will only be for her TrueFanz!

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