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Continuing the saga, we are delighted to introduce our new creator- Dacheka Kolcum. TrueFanz has joined hands with Dacheka to let her showcase her modeling passion and fitness lifestyle with her fans. Since Dacheka is on TrueFanz now, let’s get to know her a bit better. 

Dacheka: A Closer Look at Her

Dacheka Kolcum is an Atlanta-based runaway model, social media marketer, and manager. A native of Grand Goave, Haiti, she was raised in Northern Virginia, US. 

At a young age, she relocated to the US. Dacheka, a distinguished student-athlete, graduated from a four-year Division 1 school, showcasing excellence both in academics and on the soccer field. She achieved Summa Cum Laude honors in Sports Management, completing her Bachelor's degree in just over three years.

A Soccer Player’s Transition into Modeling 

After completing her formal education, Dacheka unearthed her passion for modeling. She swiftly mastered the use of facial expressions and body language to communicate. She observed that her expressive abilities translated effectively onto the camera. This realization led Dacheka to enter the artful world of runway modeling. 

Dacheka swiftly got recognition for her distinctive fusion of Caribbean beauty and global allure, which helped to move her modeling career to new heights. Her natural talent to seamlessly adapt to diverse styles and communicate emotions through her expressions has positioned her as a highly sought-after model for prestigious fashion houses. With her beauty, brain, and skills, she's the complete package- IT girl.

Beyond Modeling

Beyond her modeling prowess, Dacheka is better known for her philanthropic efforts– using her reach to raise awareness and support humanitarian causes. 

For example, a devastating earthquake struck her home country of Haiti in 2021 while she was attending university. Dacheka was determined to make a difference and help those affected by the earthquake that shook Haiti. 

With an unwavering spirit, she leveraged her position as a student-athlete to inspire and mobilize her fellow athletes and the entire student body. They were featured on ABC News and managed to raise over $5,000. This step helped the people of Haiti to gain access to essential supplies.

As An Ambassador

She was the ambassador for the Bumble ATL Activation campaign in April 2023. 

Dacheka’s Presence On Social Media

Step into the vibrant world of Dacheka's social media presence, where creativity meets style.

Her social media profile is full of vibrant photos and videos; her pics and words are like a burst of happy vibes. 

Following Dacheka will give you access to her quality photos, portraits, interviews, and a sneak peek into her modeling and fitness journeys.  So, hit that follow button, and let's make your social media way more awesome together. Follow Dacheka at:

Instagram: @dachthemodel

Dacheka’s Instagram is a showcase of her vibrant lifestyle. With a keen eye for modeling aesthetics, she has managed her profile to make it a  visual delight. All the photoshoots highlight her diverse modeling portfolio.  

Her Instagram isn't just a collection of pictures - it’s more like going into her fashion journey. Follow her on Instagram for a daily dose of style & charm.

YouTube: @damndach

Her YouTube channel “Dach The Model”, is like a window into her adventurous life. If you're into travel adventures, you're in for a treat because she loves sharing her journeys through vlogs. 

But that's not all - she has videos showcasing her modeling gigs and the latest happenings in her world. Also, don't forget to check out her fantastic shorts - they're like little nuggets of fun and cool stuff. So, if you're all about good vibes and a peek into a lively lifestyle, Dacheka's YouTube channel is the place to be! 

TikTok: @damndach

With a huge 33.4K followers, she's creating waves with her content. You can dive into a world where modeling tips and workout wisdom collide to bring you the ultimate guide to maintaining the perfect shape. 

Dacheka doesn't just showcase her expertise; she shares the secrets that keep her at the top of her game. From runway-ready poses to effective workout routines, her TikTok is a goldmine for aspiring models and fitness enthusiasts.


Dacheka holds a vibrant personality, skillfully leveraging her talents in various domains. She is the perfect model you are looking for for your next shooting session, specializing in portrait studio photoshoots and captivating outdoor sessions.

For those aspiring to grace the runway, Dacheka provides an opportunity to strut their stuff in fashion shows, offering a platform to showcase model-worthy poses. 

She also extends her expertise through personalized runway lessons and poses coaching, ensuring individuals are well-prepared for their next runaway gig. Beyond the lens, Dacheka is a multifaceted professional who hosts events and does video shoots for you. 

Her Linktree is a dynamic hub providing a one-stop-shop for everything Dacheka has to offer professionally. If you are willing to book the services she offers, do visit her website. 

A Quick Glance At  Dacheka’s Achievements

Dacheka has been making waves in the fashion world with some remarkable achievements. Let’s look at a few of them.

  1. In March 2023, she performed a walk at BVFW NYC( Bovtiqve Fashion Week) showcasing her talent and style on a prestigious platform. 

  1. The following month, in April 2023, she secured a significant victory by winning the Burghalie Fashion Competition, adding another feather to her cap. 

  1. In June 2023, Dacheka earned the title of Little BRWN book cover model.

These achievements highlight her skill, dedication, and undeniable impact on the NYC fashion industry.

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