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Today, Let’s know a bit more about American Kat, a popular TrueFanz creator.

American Kat: Who is She?

Kat Oramas, popularly known as American Kat is a U.S. Army veteran from Florida.

She prides herself as an American Viking and model. Her life shows us the power of embracing one's true self. Her journey is all about finding strength and confidence as a woman in a field dominated by men.

Her narrative serves as an inspiration for women worldwide, demonstrating the importance of embracing one's self-confidence. Her exceptional combination of modeling expertise, and embracing femininity set her apart as a remarkable figure.

Her content is a reflection of workout activities, fashion photos, and her daily activities. She is often seen posting with her son which tells about her emotional side despite being in one of the harshest jobs.

What She Is Doing After Military Life?

After serving in the US Army, she started a new chapter in her life by starting her own security company i.e., Recon Black Security. She is the owner and also works as a private security personnel there. Her dedication to duty and unwavering commitment to protecting others seamlessly transitioned from her military service to her civilian career.

With a strong sense of duty ingrained in her, she brings a wealth of skills to her role, ensuring the safety and security of others. Her transition from military service to private security is a testament to her relentless dedication to safeguarding others and making a difference in the world.

American Kat: Where to Find Her?

Kat often posts glimpses of her gym and sports activities on social media. She also interacts with her fans on social media sometimes. She brings joy to her fans by sharing captivating photos of herself. To stay connected with American Kat and be a part of her vibrant community, you can find her presence on social media. Here is the link to her social media channels.

1. Instagram: @american.kat

Her Instagram page is a window into her gym life, where she shares her fitness journey with authenticity and passion. Amidst the weights and workouts, she adds heartwarming moments by frequently posting adorable clips with her son, offering a glimpse into her life as a dedicated mom. It's a blend of fitness inspiration and precious family moments that keeps her followers engaged and motivated.

2. TikTok: @theamerican.kat

Kat’s TikTok page is a mix of fitness inspiration and humor. Between her motivational gym clips and trending videos, you'll find yourself both laughing and feeling motivated to work out. She is a refreshing blend of fitness goals and lighthearted entertainment, making it a must-follow for those seeking a dose of laughter and fitness inspiration in one place.

3. Linktree:

American Kat has curated an exclusive Linktree that's an absolute treasure for her admirers. From stylish apparel that showcases her unique flair to magazines where she's been featured, this Linktree is your one-stop shop. Go to the link now and indulge in a world of fashion, and culture inspired by her.

Why Should You Consider Subscribing American Kat On TrueFanz?

As a prominent TrueFanz creator,  American Kat has built a reputation through her dedication to her everyday workouts. Her commitment to fitness has propelled her to the forefront, making her one of the most highly sought-after TrueFanz creators. 

Her Commitment to Fitness

American Kat, a proud U.S. Army veteran, lifts the spirit of resilience and dedication. Her journey from military service to becoming a fitness icon has been nothing short of inspirational. She shares her exclusive fitness videos on TrueFanz.

Kat just loves staying fit, and she's inspired so many people to start their own fitness journeys. Kat's story is like a reminder of how strong and dedicated folks in the American military are. She's made a big impact in the world of fitness, and it's a shining example for lots of folks who want to live healthier. 


In addition to her impressive military background and dedication to fitness, American Kat is also a licensed CCW (Concealed Carry Weapon) holder. She is a licensed NRA pistol and rifle instructor too.

Her multifaceted approach to life showcases her commitment to both physical well-being and personal safety, making her a true role model in many aspects of life. She keeps her fans updated related to her life by sharing exclusive content, which you’ll only find on TrueFanz.

Join Kat on TrueFanz and dive into her thrilling adventures! She spills the beans on her ups and downs, all while motivating everyone around her. Get ready for some serious fun along the way!