Meet Britt Gagne, a TrueFanz creator and multi-faceted athlete making waves in the female weightlifting and dirtbike industries. Not only is she an amazing athlete, but she is also a popular media personality. She is passionate about inspiring and motivating others to live an active and healthy lifestyle.

With TrueFanz, Britt can share her knowledge, expertise, and experiences with her audience and bring them along on her exciting journey. Be sure to check out Britt Gagne on TrueFanz and join her as she continues to make a name for herself in the world of sports and media.

Who is Britt Gagne?

Britt is an amazing professional motocross athlete who has earned 50 championships and titles in various motocross classes. She is an inspiring role model for many and sets herself apart from other riders by incorporating her passion for culinary arts into her fitness lifestyle. She also shares her motocross tips and tricks and advises staying motivated while working out. Let’s take a closer look at this amazing TrueFanz creator!

Motocross Racer

Britt started her career in motocross racing with her parents and younger brother in New Hampshire. 

She achieved a professional women's licence at 15, making her the youngest female in the US to have obtained a pro licence. In Canada, she has ranked nationally within the top 5 for all four years she completed the full series. 

She also has over 50 championships and titles in various classes for motocross under her belt, making her an inspiring figure to aspiring female motocross racers. Moreover, she’s also involved in the popular MX vs. ATV video game.


Regarding her diet, Britt ensures that she eats the right foods to fuel her body and mind. From fresh fruits and vegetables to lean proteins and complex carbohydrates, She knows that eating well is the key to staying healthy and fit.

Her belief that staying active goes hand in hand with eating well has been a strong force in her life. That's why in addition to a balanced diet, Britt regularly goes for walks and jogs, hits the gym for weightlifting sessions, and completes HIIT workouts to keep her energy levels high. 

She also uses her culinary skills to experiment with different flavors and textures to enjoy a variety of healthy dishes. So, when you follow Britt you will be sure to enjoy your fitness meals and say goodbye to bland, miserable diets. You can’t build a great body without the right food, but you also don’t have to be miserable dieting! 

In the Saddle with Britt

From competing in races to freestyle motocross and stunt shows, she takes on every challenge with enthusiasm and dedication. As one of the few female sports riders, Britt stands out as a trailblazer and an example of what’s possible.

Her Strength & Hard Work

Britt had to overcome personal struggles throughout her journey to success. Growing up, she was bullied and teased for being more muscular than other girls her age. This bullying made her insecure about her looks, but it didn't stop her from pursuing her dreams. After college, she focused on getting healthy and fit, which was the best thing she ever did for herself.

Today, Britt is a proud body positivity advocate, encouraging her followers to be confident in their skin. She prides herself on being resilient and refusing to let anything stop her from achieving her goals. Her strength and dedication have been essential in her growth as a TrueFanz creator. 

Creating With TrueFanz Creators

Britt is a TrueFanz creator blazing her trail in the creative world. Her content is inspiring, and her passion for creating is infectious. Her vibrant and vivid imagination brings stories to life, entertaining her fans with thought-provoking content.

In addition to offering engaging content, Britt has an incredibly dynamic personality. She brings her infectious energy and enthusiasm to every video and live stream, creating a unique and special experience for her fans. Her followers can always count on Britt to bring a smile to their faces.

Britt's positive and vibrant attitude is another reason why her fans love her so much. From sharing motivational messages to encouraging others to go after their dreams, she knows how to inspire and motivate those around her.

A Passion for Connecting with Others

Britt Gagne is a content creator, artist, and entrepreneur passionate about connecting with her audience. She has been creating content since 2012 and recently joined the TrueFanz Creator community. Through her passion for creating meaningful connections, Britt has built an online presence and gained over 10K+ followers on Instagram.

Why subscribe to Gagne's TrueFanz?

Subscribing to Britt Gagne’s TrueFanz is an investment in greatness. As one of the leading TrueFanz creators, Gagne has earned a reputation for her hard work, dedication, and skill on and off the bike. With a strong commitment to fitness and racing, she has become one of the most sought-after TrueFanz creators.

Racing Accomplishments

Britt has spent the last few years racing across the United States and Canada. She has been nationally ranked in Canada and placed within the top five every year since she attempted to run the national series. Her impressive accomplishments have made her one of the most successful TrueFanz creators.

Commitment to Fitness

Moreover, Britt is very serious about her fitness off the bike. She made her mark in the North Dakota 2015 women's open competition. She has since moved on to powerlifting, winning her first meet in Georgia with an 1145 points total. Britt has also visited 49 states, giving her an impressive range of experiences.

With all these accomplishments, it’s easy to see why subscribing to Britt Gagne’s TrueFanz is a great decision. Don't miss out on this unique opportunity to be part of something special as you improve your life as well!

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